Friday, November 21, 2008

Playful Teamwork --- Project Review Process

On or before May 4, Playful Teamwork participants need to submit their projects for review. A panel of judges will review all projects.

Each project will be required to demonstrate the following:

1. Support the library's mission and / or strategic plan
2. Add value for either internal and / or external customers
3. Collaboration
4. Creative or innovative approach
5. Knowledge of web 2.0 tools

The project selected by the panel of judges will be presented at the May 2009 LCDT meeting. Participating groups are invited to submit a display board for their project. All projects displays submitted will be showcased at the May 2009 LCDT meeting.

To be considered for review, each group needs to submit the following:
1. Playful Teamwork Project Form
2. Display board showcasing their project
3. URL of their project, if appropriate

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