Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 1 - Avatars

To successfully complete No. - Avatars you must...

READ this blog post.
DO and THINK about the information in the "Learn More About" activities.
LEARN by completing the Hands On Activities, including reading the Important Tips.

Your total time commitment is about 45 minutes.

Introduction to Avatars

In an digital environment, an avatar is a graphical representation of self; the form can be one, two or three dimensional. It can be male, female, animal, robot, or even a plate of spaghetti.

An avatar is an object that represents the user or gamer in the digital environment; it may often conform to the personality connected with the computer user or gamer. Just as often, an avatar will be the reverse alter-ego of the computer user or gamer.

Avatars are used in many different web-based platforms or services including forum, communities, chat, online gaming and social networking sites.

"Learn More About Avatars"
1. Read the article, Avatars (Computing) (Time commitment 15 minutes)
2. Watch this fun YouTube video, "Create Your Own Avatar" at (Time 3:50 minutes)
3. Listen to this podcast (Time 1:34 minutes)

"Hands On Activity"
1. Go to
2. Select the gender of your avatar.
3. Give your avatar a special look. Select
"Change your Look". Choose a body type,
face, hair, clothes, accessories and more.

NOTE: Your avatar appears in the large
box at left. Your choices appear in the smaller
boxes at right.

4. OPTIONAL --- Save your avatar. Fill
out the online form that appears when you
select save.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Important - Tips, Hints and Tricks
1. Not all features under "change your look" are free at You earn the coins used to pay for non-free items from signing up for an account, a newsletters, etc...
2. If you want to save your avatar for later use, you will need to create a free account.
3. You can export your avatar for use on web sites, blogs etc...
4. You can add all kinds of cool things like backgrounds and animations.

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Tamara said...

This was FUN! I was glad to see that so many of the free clothes and accessories were actually fun and interesting...although I spent 1400 coins on my hairstyle! (You know the hair has to be right!)