Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 5 - Virtual Worlds

To successfully complete No. 5 - Virtual Worlds you must...

READ this blog post.
DO and THINK about the information in the "Learn More About" activities.
LEARN by completing the Hands On Activities, including reading the Important Tips.

Your total time commitment is about 45 minutes.

Introduction to Virtual Worlds
A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment created and maintained for user inhabitation and interactions through text based or grahpical reprentations known as avatars. Virtual environments are being used in a variety of contexts: classroom teching, informal learning, distance learning, business and e-applications.

There are a growning number of businesses and other organizations turning to 3-D environments to eliminate communication issues and other obstacles to collaboration. In addition, virtual workds offer interactivity and freedom of movement that other collaboration tools such as web, video and teleconference lack.

Learning More about "Virtual Worlds"
1. Read this web page summary of Vitual worlds at (Time Commitment 10 minutes)
2. Watch this YouTube video, Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning. (Time Commitment 9:42 minutes)
3. Watch this YouTube video, Virtual Word Tour 2008. (Time Commitment 8:05 minutes)

Hands On Activities

Due to restrictions on software downloads on library staff computers, there is no hands on activity for this blog post.

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